SS 2/5 Hof Finnskog Friday 08.04 & Friday 13.37

Rally Sweden boiled down.

Here, drivers and cars are pushed to the limit in all types of terrain. Narrow and winding roads in hilly areas are mixed up with long straights and open landscapes bringing all the challenges of a winter rally to one stage. With no less than eight good spectator spots, you are sure to have a great experience at Hof Finnskog.

Stage info

  • Start ss2:
    Friday 08.04
  • Start ss5:
    Friday 13.37
  • Total length:
    21,26 km
  • Hosting city:
    Åsne kommune
  • Organizing clubs:
    Kna Solør
  • Presented by:


The stage has been used for many years as a test track for rally cars and starts off in a sparse pine forest section with good visibility.

  • Road parking
  • 300 m


Rauken offers plenty of parking possibilities and has great spectator spots both north and west 
of the crossing. And at Rauken farm you can 
even park your camper and get transportation 
to several spots along the stage.

  • Road parking, motorhome parking
  • 50-1000 m
  • Firewood sales, possible transport to several spots along the stage


There are S-combinations of wide road on both sides of the Sørmbrua bridge, sure to deliver 
exciting rally action. Just make sure to stand 
within the safe zones on the inside of the curves.

  • Road parking, parking space
  • From 50 m
  • Possibility for good handicap seats when booking in advance to:


The VIP-area is conveniently located by a crossing. Here you can watch the cars maneuver the winding road before hitting the junction and blasting of at full speed northbound.

  • Road parking, parking space, camper parking
  • From 100 m
  • VIP-area, speaker, food and firewood sales, toilets


Enjoy high speed action as the cars head down the Springbakken hill before hitting a light left junction. There are plenty of good spectator spots both before and after the crossroad.

  • Road parking
  • 300 m


The most scenic spot along the stage is the 
one by Klokken lake. Here the cars hit a small 
crest at high speeds treating the spectators to some air time.

  • Road parking
  • 500 m
  • Possible transport to the stage, food sales, firewood sales, toilets


Knapptjernet is a place of hills and thrills. 
And nice and orderly public areas before and 
after the crossroad.

  • Road parking
  • From 200 m
  • Food and firewood sales, toilets

Åslia – the Finish

Watch the drivers push there engines for that final run down the winding road towards the finish line where you can find both a shop and restrooms.

  • Parking space
  • 200 m
  • Food sales, toilets