SS 3/6 Svullrya Friday 09.15 & Friday 14.48


Speedy and tricky, demanding and hefty. The drivers will have to be on their toes from the start if they want to conquer the Svullrya stage which will, for this years rally, run in the opposite direction. But don’t worry, 
the spectacular Furumo jump will deliver just as much thrilling action as usual. As will the twists 
and turns of the chicane at the finish.

Stage info

  • Start ss3:
    Friday 09.15
  • Start ss6:
    Friday 14.48
  • Total length:
    24,88 km
  • Organizing clubs:
    KNA Kongsvinger
  • Presented by:


Right after the start there are some heavy turns with good spectator spots and easy access.

  • Parking space, ca 300 spots
  • 200 m
  • Toilets


This is a classic Norwegian rally spot. Yes, it is in the forest, but you will find good open areas in and before the tight hairpin. You can follow the cars through several hard turns before the road changes to high speed downhill. Parking from road 202. Access from Vestre Græsberget.

  • Road parking (cars only)
  • 100-2000 m

Furumo road crossing

Narrow and tricky section some hundred meters before the crossing and then open forest area 
with good views and high speeds. Access from the south and from Torsby, Lekvattnet, E16 to road 380.

  • Road parking
  • 100-3000 m
  • Toilets and some sales

Furumo jumps

The Colin's Crest of Norway, but with higher speeds. Henning Solberg took the unofficial 2016 record with a > 40 m jump. And with the stage running in the opposite direction this year we are sure to see some interesting results. You will find good spectator spots in the forest on both sides of the landing.

  • Road parking
  • 500 m from road crossing. Walkway from point 3
  • Toilets, food sales and heated rooms

Wolfs place

Great spot for watching the rally! The open landscape lets you see the cars in full speed up to 800 m before they hit a tight left and right corner combination.

  • Parking space (same as point 6)
  • From 700 m


Watch the cars go full throttle in to a right and left turn combination and then hit a 100 m straight going in to a fast and tough road section before the final turn in to the finish. You can follow it all from an open woodland height on the side of the road. It is a very short walk from the parking area. Access from Svullrya, road 201.

  • Parking space (ca 500 spots) NB! Park only at the parking space.
  • From 20 m
  • Toilets