Umeå City Skeppsbron

On historic ground, in the heart of a 400-year-old city, the first edition of Rally Sweden in Umeå has its grand opening on the Thursday evening. This is a party you won’t want to miss. The teams roll up in their cars on stage in front of Väven Cultural Centre, there’s autograph signing by the big stars, driver and team presentations and interviews, and a first glance of the world’s best rally teams and what’s coming up in the championships.

Closer to After Rally

Once the grand opening has ended, the party continues in the After Rally tent at Skeppsbron, right on the waterfront in central Umeå. Umeå’s most successful festival organisers, Homerun Festivals, guarantee a great atmosphere with all the terrific energy you’d expect from a WRC event.

Also at Skeppsbron is a giant screen, so you won’t miss any of the rally drama.

After three days of winter partying, the entire Rally Sweden finishes off with an award ceremony for all the winners of Sweden’s biggest annual sporting event.


Umeå City Skeppsbron is in central Umeå, right on the river near Väven Cultural Centre. See the map below.

Programme  Thursday 24 February
19:00 Opening show starts. Autograph signing at Väven
20:00 Opening ceremony - Official start of Rally Sweden
15:00–01:00 After Rally & Cover Band. (over-18s only after 22:00)
Programme  Friday 25 February
15:00–01:00 After Rally & Cover Band. (over-18s only after 22:00)
ca 21:00 Artistic performances on the main stage (in association with Umeå Municipality and Umeå 400 Years)
Programme  Saturday 26 February
15:00–21:00 After Rally & Cover Band. (over-18s only after 22:00)
Programme  Sunday 27 February
14:30 Official award ceremony
11:00–14:00 Outdoor food service