Big screens 2020

Reach 200 000 visitors with your message. This year our big screens are strategically located to be a part of the rally experience.

Rally Sweden is Sweden’s biggest recurring sporting event with 200 000 spectators during four days. Our big screens strategically placed at our most popular stages, restaurants and VIP-areas are an important part of the festival experience. Unique big screen productions with live coverage, interviews and more allows spectators keep up with the action, wherever they are. This is your opportunity to receive exposure in-between segments, placing your company, products or services in the midst of the rally experience.


The following arenas will feature big screens in 2020:

  • Service Park Torsby, Thursday – Sunday
  • Karlstad SSS, Färjestadstravet, Thursday + Saturday
  • SS Torsby, Swecon Road to Rock Arena, Friday+Saturday+Sunday
  • SS Vargåsen, Colin’s Crest Arena, Saturday
  • SS Värmullsåsen, Saturday

Every spot will air at least 50 times total during the weekend.


15 000 SEK /spot.
Price includes commercial tax.
VAT is added.

Ad booking
054-10 20 25

Technical specs

Films are to be delivered in the following formats:

  • Quicktime H.264, 720p, ca 10 mbit/sek
  • Quicktime Prores 720p

Deadline: February 1:st

Information may be subject to changes.

Download information as a PDF