Shakedown Klabböle Thursday 09:01

This year’s Shakedown is a stage that starts quickly over fields before it enters the forest, after about 3 km the stage becomes a little narrower but still quite fast. After 4.5 km, the stage penetrates through sparse younger pine forest before it turns into more small crests at 6 km and then twists in the downhill run that leads to the finish.

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Stage info

  • Start ss:
    Thursday 09:01
  • Total length:
    7,59 km

Spectator Area 1

Here, spectators can follow the rally cars from the start to 1.6 km, through fields and a few copses. Spectators have a good distance view, and the drivers can really get off to a top-speed start in the shakedown. 

  • Field parking
  • Toilets, food sales

Spectator Area 2

As the cars near the finish line, the stage is completely different from the starting area. The road is far narrower and more technical here, with trackside forest. The final stretch includes several small crests and bends in the steady downhill to the finish. Good spectator spots at the ideal height to follow the stage’s last 400 metres.

  • Field parking
  • Toilets, food sales

Snowmobile Spectator Area A

The stage’s first Snowmobile Spectator Spot is just before the cars enter the wooded area at around 1.6 km. It offers a distance view on a high-speed section.

Snowmobile Spectator Area B

After 5.57 km the stage passes a pine forest with excellent spots among the trees for spectators with snowmobiles.