SS 1/8 Umeå Sprint Thursday 19:05 & Friday 19:05

A relatively central sprint stage with several sharp road changes and hairpin bends, and some high-speed straights in between. The stage finishes at The Red Barn Arena in front of a huge crowd, with three spectacular jumps and speeds of up to 150 km/h.

Respect the military protection area – no spectators allowed! (This has been extended since last year.)

The sprint takes place on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday it’s the longer version, see SS 15/18.

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Stage info

  • Start ss1:
    Thursday 19:05
  • Start ss8:
    Friday 19:05
  • Total length:
    5,16 km

Spectator Area 1 – Sandbacka

The spectator area is right where the cars make their first right turn into the Umeå sprint stage, after the long stretchy start. Here it’s important to find the right braking point to clear the right turn into the smaller road that leads on towards The Red Barn Arena.

  • Toilet

Spectator Area 2 – The Red Barn Arena

The epicentre of Rally Sweden. This is where it all happens, and where the day ends. A nice walk or a short trip on the free bus from Umeå city centre. This is the WRC’s hottest arena, in what’s known as the I20 zone. Spectacular jumps and top-speed straights, Food Courts, VIP areas and live artists. This is the place to get the full Rally Sweden experience, with a festive party atmosphere for all the family. And after the day’s races, on Thursday to Saturday it’s time for After Rally in the party tent. We look forward to seeing you! Welcome to The Red Barn Arena!