SS 10/13 Hagfors Saturday 09.12 & Saturday 14.12

Rumble Down The Slalom Slope

At the arena in the end of the route, you can follow the cars down the slalom slope through demanding hairpin bends and spectacular jumps in over the 
finish line. Saturday offers a full-day experience, with two WRC distances and Rally Sweden Historic with the classic cars in between.

Stage info

  • Start ss10:
    Saturday 09.12
  • Start ss13:
    Saturday 14.12
  • Rally Sweden Historic:
    After WRC SS 10
  • Total length:
    23,40 km
  • Hosting city:
    Hagfors kommun
  • Organizing clubs:
    Hagfors MK
    Hagfors IBS
  • Presented by:


Narrow and curvy with a crossroad.

  • Road parking
  • 0-1000 m


Very fast, long straight with stunning views.

  • Road parking
  • 0-1000 m
  • Food and firewood sales


Crossroad with a sharp right. In spite of its narrow profile this is a fast section.

  • Road parking
  • 0-1000 m
  • Food and firewood sales


From halfway down the slope the spectators 
can easily follow the high pace action through tight hairpins. The spectacular jump just before 
the finish makes for a great crescendo.

  • Parking space, handicap accessible
  • 0-500 m
  • Accessible for the disabled
  • VIP-area, food sales, toilets, big screen