SS 11/14 Sävar Saturday 10:41 & 16:41

The stage starts on the narrow and technical “old coastal country road” with nice S-Combinations. After the angle to the right, the stage changes to faster forest road before it rejoins the “old coastal country road” again towards the last segment before the finish.

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Stage info

  • Start ss11:
    Saturday 10:41
  • Start ss14:
  • Rally Sweden Historic:
    After WRC SS 11
  • Total length:
    17,28 km

Spectator Spot 1 – Bredträsket

Spectators can park on the road until 1.5 hours before the first rally car, and can stay until the road reopens on the Friday evening. The stage here is on great rally road with several S combinations, before the angle right and onto a faster forest road.

  • Road parking
  • Toilets

Spectator Spot 2 – Marielund

The rally course turns onto fast forest road in towards the spectator spot with angle left, and continues down past the lake with great spectator spots and good distance views.

Just north of Marielund, on the same road, this is where Sunday’s SS 16/17 Västervik starts.

  • Road parking
  • Food sales, toilets

Spectator Spot 3 – Crossroad at Degersjön

The rally course turns onto fast forest road in towards the spectator spot with angle right, before rejoining the ‘old coast road’ with great S combinations towards the finish line.

  • Road parking
  • Food sales, Toilets

Spectator Spot 4 - Johannesfors

Fast, rhythmic rally road towards the finish line, with good spectator spots in pine forest with good visibility.

  • Field parking
  • Food sales, Toilets

Snowmobile Spectator Spot A

Excellent rally road with many S combinations and good spectator spots on clear-cut areas. (Same as spectator spot 1.)

Snowmobile Spectator Spot B

Same as: Spectator Spot 1 – Bredträsket