SS 11/15 Umeå Saturday 12:08 & 18:38

Fast forest stage in close to the center of Umeå. First some really fast straights with sharp road changes in between. Then into the distance for SS 7 Umeå Sprint with hairpins and more ninety graders. The route ends at The Red Barn Arena in front of a large audience with three spectacular jumps and speeds up to 150 km/h.

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Stage info

  • Start ss11:
    Saturday 12:08
  • Start ss15:
  • Rally Sweden Historic:
    After WRC SS 11
  • Total length:
    11,17 km

Spectator Area 1

This spectator spot contains two right turns, where the other turn is a 90 degree turn. In order for the rally cars to gain speed towards the straight that comes after the second turn, they need to find a good "rhythm" in this part of the stage.

  • Toilet

Spectator Area 2

The epicentre of the WRC rally – this is where it all happens on Friday and Saturday. A nice walk or a short trip on the free bus from Umeå city centre. The I20 area is home to WRC’s newest and hottest arena. Spectacular jumps and top-speed straights, a snowmobile show, Food Courts, VIP areas and live artists. This is the place to get the full Rally Sweden experience, with a festive party atmosphere for all the family. And after the races, just stroll into the city centre for the after-party at Skeppsbron with its bars and restaurants. We look forward to seeing you! Welcome to The Red Barn Arena!