SS 16/17 Västervik Sunday 07:05 & 10:05

A good variety of road types, starting with a wide forest track before a sharp left onto a narrower road. As the stage approaches Västervik, the cars pass through a built zone and turn into a spectacular area with a really narrow road through the forest.

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Stage info

  • Start ss16:
    Sunday 07:05
  • Start ss17:
  • Total length:
    26,48 km

Spectator Spot 1 – Rönnäs

Fork left from a wider road, where the stage changes character to become more narrow and bendy. The Spectator Spot is in a clearing right where the cars are just about at top speed before braking for the angle left.

  • Road parking
  • 100 – 800 m

Spectator Spot 2 – Västervik

The cars come from quite a fast section into a four-way junction that’s not like other four-way junctions. A road change with a switch right, before the route changes character and gets narrower with trees trackside.

  • Field parking
  • 200 m

Spectator Spot 3 – Högfors

A densely wooded area with a left angle into a tricky, narrow section of uneven road. Good views among the sparse pines.

  • Field parking
  • 400 m

Spectator Spot 4 – Bäcklund

The four-way junction at Västervik is not like others of its kind, as there’s another four-way junction with a road switch. The rally course runs between buildings and outbuilding to a four-way junction – the cars can’t simply drive straight ahead though as there’s a slight road switch, so it’s a quick left and right. On the second pass, or even after the recce, the angles may have been straightened out to more of an S-bend.

  • Road parking
  • 100 – 1000 m
  • Accessible Parking

Spectator Spot 5 – Sörfors

The rally cars approach the road junction in a fast S combination. Good views in sparse forest. After the angle left the cars can open up towards the next angle right in a fast section.

  • Road parking
  • 100 – 500 m

Snowmobile Spectator Spot A

See: Spectator Spot 3 – Högfors

Snowmobile Spectator Spot B – Mårtslund

An excellent viewpoint for snowmobile riders only, on a hill just off the rally course which winds along a narrow, technically demanding road. Distance views.

  • 100 m

Snowmobile Spectator Spot C – Vänfors

A fast section across a clearing with a hill crest. The spot is only accessible to snowmobile riders.

  • 100 m