SS 3/6 Finnskogen Friday 10:08 & Saturday 10:08

Rally In The Wild

Speedy and really tricky stage with several turns and hairpins. Challenging stage for both driver and car. Finnskogen Arena offers a nice jump and the cars can be seen for several hundred meters.

Stage info

  • Start ss3:
    Friday 10:08
  • Start ss6:
    Saturday 10:08
  • Total length:
    20,68 km
  • Organizing clubs:
    KNA Kongsvinger
  • Presented by:
    Betong øst


Open landscape with fullspeed turns in the begin­
ning where the cars can be seen for a long time.

  • Parking space P 1
  • From 600 m via Finnskogen Tourist & Wilderness Center
  • Toilets


Road crossing where the cars go from fast to
narrow typical Finnskog rallysections.

  • Road parking P2
  • From 200 m
  • Toilets


High speed curves where the cars can be seen
for a long time in open forrest area.

  • Road parking P3 (same as for 4. Surstad)
  • From 700 m


From full speed into an open and narrow hairpin,
the cars continue at narrow roads in high speed.

  • Road parking P3
  • From 200 m


A very exciting area with a lot of twist and turns
in an open space both before and after the visitors parking space.

  • Parking space P4 (car/minivan)
    Parking space P5 (bus/RV)
  • 100 m from P4 (car/minivan)
    400 m from P5 (bus/RV)
  • Toilets and food sales

Finnskogen Arena

A nice jump and a long turn in high speed.
Finnskogen arena from Rally Norway offers attractive spectator areas in the nature.

  • Parking space P4 (car/minivan)
    Parking space P5 (bus/RV)
  • 400 m from parking space P4 (car/minivan)
  • Toilets and food sales