SS 4/7 Nyckelvattnet Friday 11:08 & Saturday 11:08

Battle Of The Border

A new stage close to the Norwegian border. Narrow and tricky in the beginning. Then wider, more straight and fast to get more narrow again at the end. Access roads are narrow, steep and not suitable for RV’s/ motor homes and buses. It’s strongly recommended to use the dedicated parking areas only.
Please note that there is no parking available at the finish area and parking on the main road at the exit of the stage is prohibited.

Stage info

  • Start ss4:
    Friday 11:08
  • Start ss7:
    Saturday 11:08
  • Total length:
    18,94 km
  • Hosting city:
    Torsby kommun
  • Organizing clubs:
    Östmarks MFF
    Likenäs MK
    SMK Eda
  • Presented by:


Nice spots both before and after the crossing.
As well by Röjdåsen approximately 1 km before.

  • Road parking. RV parking at Rännberg and at Röjdåsen (parking at Röjdåsen must take place before Thursday 16.00. After that there will be no access to and from the Röjdåsen parking during the stage run). Please note: RV parking on the access road to spectator area 1 is prohibited.
  • 200–1500 m
  • Toilets


The cars are visible during a long distance both
before and after the crossing.

  • Road parking (no RV)
  • 200–1000 m