SS 8/12 Brattby Saturday 08:57 & 15:27

The stage starts on quite a fast forest road, before a more technical section with several crests and S-bend combinations. It then continues to a powerline corridor, where snowmobile riders can follow the cars for a long stretch, with gentle bends and small ‘bursts’. The stage then goes back into a forest with more technical driving. Before SA 2 there is a steep downhill, where brake timing is key to get a good angle right, and on to the edge of a plain with several good spectator spots. The final part of the stage is on faster forest roads with a lot of great curve combos up to the finish line.

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Stage info

  • Start ss8:
    Saturday 08:57
  • Start ss12:
  • Rally Sweden Historic:
    After WRC SS 8
  • Total length:
    10,49 km

Spectator Spot 1

The rally course goes through sparse forest on a fast, rhythmic road with great curve combinations. Just after the start of the stage.

  • Food sales, toilets

Spectator Spot 2

The stage comes fast downhill to an angle right at the edge of the forest. It’s key here to get the approach to the curve right so as not to lose control and put the car into the snow drift straight ahead by the plain, where spectators can get good distance views of the cars.

  • Food sales, toilets

Spectator Spot 3

The stage goes into a medium-fast forest road towards the finish line, with good, high spectator spots that follow the course for a good distance.

  • Food sales, toilets

Snowmobile Spectator Spot A

Here the stage runs along at the edge of a power line street with several bends and small crests. The snowmobile audience can follow the rally cars several hundred meters, before the rally cars turn right under the power line and continues into the forest.