SS 9/12 Norrby Saturday 08:05 & 14:05

This new stage for 2023 kicks off the Saturday events. The first stretch is on a nice, wide village road, although there are some technical sections past farmyards and a bridge where precision is key. About 5 km in is Spectator Spot 2 – Rengård, where the climb begins with a tricky left onto a wider, faster forest track. Drivers have to keep the tempo up for quite a stretch, before a final angle to the right a few hundred metres before the finishing line (also the site of Spectator Spot 3 – Eriksbo).

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Stage info

  • Start ss9:
    Saturday 08:05
  • Start ss12:
  • Rally Sweden Historic:
    After WRC SS 9
  • Total length:
    12,54 km

Spectator Spot 1 – Överrödå

Park on a field near the start line with a path up to the track – a good bit of exercise before an amazing day in the rally forest. The path is about 500 metres long with 55 metres of elevation, but once you’re at the top you’re at the stage’s first left-hand bend, where there’s also a Rally Sweden kiosk to replenish your water and energy.

The cars continue on a nice village road with smooth, rhythmic bends and a few hill crests, as well as a tricky bridge crossing.

  • Field parking
  • 500 m
  • Food sales

Spectator Spot 2 – Rengård

Here, the cars come up quite a steep hill and have to take a tight hairpin left. There are great spectator spots on the hairpin – it’s like a natural grandstand where everyone gets a good view.

  • Road parking
  • 100 – 800 m
  • Accessible parking
  • Food sales

Spectator area 3 – Eriksbo

The cars come down a long descent with an angle right onto the finishing straight. Brake timing is key here, as the event organisers are well aware…

  • Field parking
  • 100 m
  • Food sales

Snow mobile spectator area A

Same as: Spectator Spot 1 – Överrödå

  • 500 m

Snow mobile spectator area B

A nice, wide forest road, with a hill crest as the stage comes into a clearing with a good view.

  • 500 m

Snow mobile spectator area C

Same as: Spectator Spot 2 – Rengård