Shakedown 1 Skalla Thursday 09.01

The Final Test

With a whole set of tyres dedicated only to the shake- down, the teams have no reason to hold back on the throttle. The Shakedown is the drivers and teams last chance to test their cars at full speed. As a spectator this is an opportunity to see your favourite drivers over and over again from different perspectives.

The stage starts with a 3 km long technical section, where the blind crests and curves follow each other. After 3,5 km, the route changes character and becomes much straighter and faster, up to 6,5 km where the stage offers several fast corners before the finish.

Stage info

  • Start ss:
    Thursday 09.01
  • Total length:
    7,21 km
  • Hosting city:
    Torsby kommun
  • Organizing clubs:
    Munkfors MC
  • Presented by:


The start has been moved slightly closer to civiliza­tion, which means that the cars will travel at full speed considerably closer to the public parking area than previous years. They will start on a slight downhill cutting through the open fields of rural Rådom. If you’re not up for a hike, this place offers great spectator experiences. Watch the cars rocket passed the crossroad and up the hill towards the crest following the old starting point. Fast drivers might get some airtime on this feature.

  • Parking space
  • 200-1500 m


Car access to this stage is reserved for our disa­bled spectators. For everyone else there are two ways to get to the action from the road parking. A 1500 m walk up to the crossroad or, if you prefer a 450 m path through the forrest. If you then take a right towards the start you reach a small crest followed by a short straight and a fast left with spectator areas on the right side in the direction of travel. If you instead take a left towards the finish there are some really interesting spectator spots. A hard right on a steep hill, a short straight and a fast left with a good view. Spectator areas on the left before the turn and on both sides along the straight.

  • Road parking
  • 450-1500 m


About 800 m from the finish there is a field with lots of parking. From the car park there is a forest road leading directly to the spectator area at the finish line. The last kilometer of the shakedown consists of mostly downhill, with several fast turns and nice spots for viewing on the height along the route.

  • Parking space
  • 800-1500 m