A Year of Remembrance

Today, we commemorate Roland "Mikro" Åström, who left us just before the start of last year's Rally Sweden.

Mikro was a well-known figure in Västerbotten, serving as the track manager for Rally Sweden until his passing. His absence is deeply felt throughout the entire Rally Sweden community.

“It was a sad and dark day. I remember it vividly. But I also remember the warmth among all those mourning, everyone who knew him. It was a beautiful testament to how much Mikro meant to so many people, especially within the motorsport community. The memory of him will always live on in Rally Sweden,” says Anna Nordkvist, CEO of Rally Sweden.

“It was a terrible shock for us in the family. It hurts that he can’t be here to see what he helped build with Rally Sweden. His expertise and warm heart are missed by many. For us, he will always be present in our memories,” says Erik Åström, Event Director for Rally Sweden.

Roland “Mikro” Åström passed away on February 4, 2023. He was 66 years old.