Point zero is our vision

Deep forest, warming fires and crunching snow. Rally Sweden is not only about the cars and the party. It is also about the environment and the forest – the greatest arena of the rally. Since a year back, Rally Sweden has a vision about in the future; hosting a totally climate neutral sporting event. It may sound impossible, or is that together we can make it happen? With the clubs, the partners, today’s environmental research and the energy of the future, Rally Sweden is already on the right path.

There’s no secret that the motorsport is placing its mark on the environment. Rally Sweden is since 2019 working ambitiously with its climate goal – Rally Towards Zero. With clear strategies and curiosity of research, the organization of Rally Sweden wants in a sustainable way decrease the carbon footprint and in the long run inspire the entire international motorsport to become more sustainable. This is an ongoing journey, not always visible to the audience, leading up to the event each year. One club representative, Nils Hauri from Mallbackens IF, is working for a more climate neutral rally.

– For me its undoubtedly that we should be sustainable when engaging in motorsport. If we don’t start now there will be no rally in the future. We have a world event here with millions of viewers around the world seeing our beautiful surroundings. What we have is extremely important for the visibility of Värmland in the world.

Nils is working with the rest of the members of the club to keep track of the different stages. Handling waste is one of the most important assignments and also ongoing when spring arrives and the snow has melted.

— Our most important task is together with the audience to keep the stages clean. Since the start in 2019 we have handed out recyclable bags to all visitors, a way to encourage the audience to pick up their trash. It is not only bad for the environment if the trash is left in the nature it can also affect animals, sometimes in a life-threatening way. Especially in the areas near their eating fields.

The fossil free rally

2022 will be the start of a new era within WRC, hybrid engines and fossil free fuel takes the sport a big step into the future.

Jona Siebel, CEO WRC Promoter: – It’s no exaggeration to say the introduction of sustainable hybrid technology for the WRC’s headline category marks one of the biggest milestones in the sport’s history. Along with the FIA and the manufacturers, WRC Promoter is fully committed to the introduction of greener cars. The hybrid powertrain forms an integral part of the automotive industry as the world moves towards a more sustainable future, and it’s essential the WRC is aligned with this evolution.

In line with the introduction of the new generation of power units, which integrate the hybrid technology in Rally1 class vehicles, the FIA will introduce a 100% sustainable fuel in the FIA World Rally Championship from next season.

– The technology behind sustainable fuels is changing rapidly. Therefore, a lot of effort was invested to find the best available solution – and we can be proud of the outcome. The chosen blend of advanced biofuel and innovative e-fuel components makes WRC a real leader in sustainable motor sports with everyday cars. The WRC is a tremendous platform to develop and validate this innovative fuel in mass-produced vehicles, on real roads and under all circumstances.  What we will learn by using this fuel on the WRC stages can ultimately benefit road users all over the world, says Jona Siebel.

Working with the environment is something involving all parts of the big rally experience. From the stages in the forest to the big arenas, audience and service places. Adam Magnusson, manager at the service park is clear in his believe in doing this together.

– I think it is a great initiative from the organization Rally Sweden, taking this clear stand in the sustainability area. New for this year is that all electricity is run on fossil free fuel, HV1000. The generators provide all of the energy to teams, press tents, party tents and restaurants to name a few.

HV100 is 100% renewable diesel produced by recycled vegetable and animal waste from for example restaurants. Producing HVO100 does not pollute the atmosphere with new carbon dioxide. Colabitoil is the supplier to Rally Sweden and their business model is based on innovative research within energy and environment.

— Prince Carl Philip drove a four wheeler during 2019 year’s rally, says Jan Nordlöf, CEO. Our ambition is for more people to discover the fossil free alternatives. We will be driving cars in the future, so why not explore our options for a better alternative?

— Who doesn’t remember the sound of the rally car flying through the forest? It is important for the experience and nothing we want to change. In fact the choice of fossil free fuel will continue to make this happen. Although the development is undergoing, already 2019 the diesel driven event vehicles used HVO100.

Working together with the audience

The visitors play an important role for the environmental work of Rally Sweden.
Magnus Säfström, stage manager from Munkfors MC is working hard to engage the audience during the competitions.

— The audience is very important for our initiative to keep the forest clean. The biobags we are handing out are degradable in case they are forgotten. Of course we want the trash to be placed in them. In my experience, most people are really good at picking up after themselves. The bags are then left with us and handled by our partner Suez. I think in Scandinavia we are generally good at thinking about the environment and the allemansrätten (right of public access) and it comes naturally not to litter. Of course, there are always those not caring, and that we have to work with.

The clubs are, in addition to taking care of the stages, responsible for the visitor spots and sales points. The choice of material becomes important. All sales points have stopped using plastic disposables. In the future Magnus is hoping for recycling stations:

— If the visitors could sort everything themselves that would be fantastic. We are looking at recycling stations to be placed in the near proximity of the spectator spots for easy access and sorting of waste.

A sense of belonging and the attitude is everything for a successful sustainability initiative continues Magnus.

— It is important to have everyone on the same track. No one can do this on their own and it’s all about finding the positivity. It has not been hard among us working with the rally. We help each other, we car pool as often as possible and we encourage the visitors to do the same or catch the bus. Often it is our own convenience hindering us. But I am really passionate about this and hoping to influence the motorsport internationally. Can we start finding a model working for us others will hopefully follow.


We’re all here to experience the rally, the action and the party up close. But rally is a sport with small margins, and there’s no room for mistakes. Read the safety information. Follow the safety marshal’s instructions. Take care of each other, and keep the party going.

And equally important: don’t forget to respect the environ- ment as well as the safety instructions.

The rule is simple
— leave no one and nothing behind!

Right of Public Access

In Sweden we’re quite unique in having something called ‘Allemansrätten’ (Right of Public Access). This means that everyone, by law, has free access to the great outdoors
— so you can enjoy Rally Sweden from virtually anywhere along the various stage routes. But this right comes with responsibilities, the main one being that you should always leave the forest exactly as it was when you arrived.


It is permitted to make fires in the forest — but you must NOT cut down trees or bushes, for firewood or any other purpose. This is a crime under Swedish law. You are also responsible for ensuring that no fire or glowing embers remain when you leave the site.