Rally Sweden 2023, all rally fans will be offered free entry to the service area.

At the Umeå Service Park in the Nolia area, the spectators will get a unique insight from the absolute front row seat when the world's best rally teams work during the competition. - In this way, we reinforce and create a crowd-friendly rally that is easy for spectators to absorb and witness up close, says Stefan Djerf, event director.

In the area, there will – compared to last year – also be a food court in an indoor environment with full rights and of course there is also a big screen at the Service Park so the spectators can follow the drama live from the special stages. There are also souvenir sales, partly from Rally Sweden’s products and partly from the brands of the respective WC teams.

Already the week before the competition begins, most of the WC teams will roll into the Nolia area and build up their own and hugely expensive service workshops. In many cases, these will be small communities with all conceivable technology, facilities, service and functionality to create maximum conditions for the world’s best rally drivers.

As an audience, you get the opportunity to peek into the teams’ workshops from the outside and see how they work.
– It is truly a unique opportunity to have the opportunity to witness and be present behind the scenes and to see the support that exists in all its forms for the WRC drivers, but also the contrasts with the less financially strong rally teams. It’s a great experience and it feels gratifying that we can add to the entrance ticket for this year’s competition and also offer this opportunity, says Stefan Djerf.

On Thursday 9 February, the area opens up to the public and then it might be a little extra worth visiting. Shakedown Håkmark is running on Thursday and it will be feverish activity for the WC teams to find the maximum settings on their cars.