Three new years for Rally Sweden in Umeå

In the past few days, the agreement between Rally Sweden and Umeå Municipality was signed, which makes it clear that the Rally Sweden will be held with Umeå as the central location also in the years 2025, 2026 and 2027.

– For us, it is a security to have Umeå and its region with us on this journey that Rally Sweden is. We are now moving towards in to the fourth rally in Umeå in February 2025. And I think that together with Umeå and the region we have taken positive steps forward with events for each year, where the Red Barn Arena is an incredible heart for the rally and all the audience who want to experience the party in the best way, says Anna Nordkvist, CEO of Rally Sweden.

A place in the hearts

That Rally Sweden has found a place in the hearts of Umeå residents was clearly felt during this year’s rally. And that the city and the region want to continue to be a hub in the WRC calendar.

– Umeå is a city at the forefront. We want to continue to grow in the number of inhabitants and, with a breadth of industries, create an attractive city to work and live in. This work also includes that we as a city, together with the region, are involved in creating a vibrant and inspiring cultural and leisure life as both residents and guests can take part. For us, Rally Sweden is part of that work and a major event that contributes to the growth of Umeå in several different ways, but above all creates a fantastic folk festival for the residents of Umeå and travelers from all over the world, says Hans Lindberg, chairman of the municipal board in Umeå.

Much more than a rally

The WRC promoter’s CEO, Jona Siebel, is also satisfied that the agreement is now complete.

– Rally Sweden is so much more than a rally on snow, it’s one of the most unique fan experiences in motorsport and the Red Barn Arena has quickly moved to the top of rally fans’ must-visit bucket lists. For us as a Promoter, we are incredibly happy to return to Umeå and for the stability this gives Rally Sweden’s promotion team.

The next Rally Sweden will run in February 2025. Exact dates have not yet been set.