IF Björklöven and Rally Sweden in collaboration

Ice hockey and motorsport may not always be associated with each other. However, this changes with Björklöven's home game against Östersund, marking the beginning of a partnership between two strong brands in Umeå: IF Björklöven and Rally Sweden.

Björklöven is a proud association with significant fan support, well-known for its strong connection to its hometown. Since 2022, Umeå has also hosted the WRC event Rally Sweden. This event has rapidly established itself as the major happening in Umeå each year. With this new collaboration, both parties hope to mutually benefit from their respective strengths.

– For us at Rally Sweden, it’s fantastic to collaborate. “The Löven” is a strong brand that works daily during the season to fill an arena, doing an excellent job where dialogue with their fans has significantly evolved in recent years. We also see many common touchpoints in the business world that can benefit both of us. Rally Sweden has come to Umeå to stay, and we want to be a part of the city and community life. Finding something that will benefit us and the loyal Löven supporters is a good solution, in my opinion, says Erik Åström, Event Director at Rally Sweden.

An “aha” experience

Björklöven’s CEO, Anders Blomberg, also sees significant advantages in working together.

– I think many of us didn’t quite realize what it meant when Rally Sweden came to Umeå. For me, it was an “aha” moment to see how it took over the entire city and attracted so much audience. I visited Red Barn myself. Having an event of this caliber in Umeå is only positive, and I am convinced that we can develop this collaboration even more in the future, says Anders Blomberg.

Surplus to Hjältarnas Hus

The collaboration begins with a hat party. For several years, Björklöven has supported the work of Hjältarnas Hus (House of Heroes, a temporary home for families with children where a child has been affected by illness) and during Wednesday’s match, Rally Sweden hats will be donated to the project. Additionally, the collaboration means that Björklöven’s loyal members and season ticket holders can purchase the Festival Pass at a special offer, with a portion of the surplus going to Hjältarnas Hus.

– The project with Hjältarnas Hus that Björklöven has is very inspiring, and being able to contribute a small part in this collaboration feels good, concludes Åström.

Björklöven comes to Wednesday’s match with two consecutive victories. In connection with the game and the start of the collaboration between Björklöven and Rally Sweden, there will be a special offer for visitors to purchase a Festival Pass for Rally Sweden, taking place from February 15-18.