Tickets & magazines

All children up to 15 yo together with an adult: Free entrance
Except on Saferoad SSS Arena, see more info below.

Festival Pass

The only ticket you need to enjoy the whole rally. The Festival Pass is valid at all stages every day of the rally. This year also the RallyMagazine is included. The Festival Passes are sold in shops, at the service park, at all entrances on stages. 750 SEK/NOK

Day Ticket

Valid for all stages and arenas during one given day: Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Day Tickets are sold at all entrances to all stages.

  • Friday 300 SEK/NOK
  • Saturday 400 SEK/NOK
  • Sunday 200 SEK/NOK

Shakedown Ticket

Valid for the shakedown and the service park on Thursday. Shakedown Tickets are sold at the service park entrance and at all entrances on shakedown. 200 SEK/NOK

Arena Ticket Saferoad SSS Arena SS1+15

Valid for the Saferoad SSS Arena on Thursday or Saturday. The Arena Tickets are sold at the entrance of the arena stage.

  • Children up to 7 yo: Free entrance
  • Children 8-15 yo: 100 SEK/NOK
  • Adults: 250 SEK/NOK

Rally Magazine

Our programme with all information you need, stages, times, maps etc. The Rally Magazine are sold in shops, at the service park, at all entrances on stages. 150 SEK/NOK

Terms & Conditions:

Rally Sweden does not buy back tickets and Festival Pass. The rules of the Distance Contracts Act regarding the right of withdrawal do not apply when purchasing event tickets. When payment has been made you are therefore bound to your purchase, however you have the right to resell the ticket.

Also, Rally Sweden will not refund any tickets for changes in the event’s performance due to weather problems, accidents or other reasons that the organizer cannot influence.

All arenas and stages of Rally Sweden are subjects to documentation through photography, filming and sound recording. Collected material may be used by Rally Sweden for information and marketing purposes. As a spectator you agree to participate.