Itinerary for Rally Sweden 2022 published

After a long process with challenges to secure the route, Rally Sweden can today present the first itinerary for the event February 24th-27th 2022 in Umeå.

The work to develop the new route for Rally Sweden in Umeå has been based on rally roads that have previously been used in the area.

– Together with local motor clubs we have tried to find the best rally roads the Umeå region can offer. Already during the investigation over a year ago, the work of finding possible routes began and during the journey to today, very many alternatives have been handled, says Route Manager Johan Magnusson.

– Our attitude when when we started the work was to find the Umeå way in this project, so our collaboration with local forces has been absolutely crucial to move forward, says Clerk of the Course Stig-Rune Kjernsli.

Rally Sweden’s itinerary is not yet completely set as two stages due to permissions are not ready to be published. The goal is that an updated itinerary can be communicated as soon as possible.

– That we are late and even today do not have the full itinerary in place is absolutely not something we ourselves wanted. Our goal was to have a route proposal ready internally before the summer and given the size of the event and its impact on a number of different stakeholders around Umeå, it was a big challenge. Without all the cooperation and all the good will, this journey would have been impossible, says Rally Swedens CEO Glenn Olsson.

WRC Promoter is excited for this new generation of WRC Rally Sweden in Umeå.

Simon Larkin, Event Director, WRC Promoter GmbH:

– Having personally visited to inspect the stages, HQ, service  park and spectator arena’s just last week with the FIA, we’re absolutely convinced of a potential for the event to grow in this fantastic new host city.

– A WRC event is an extremely challenging technical, logistical and administrative animal, so there will always be difficulties – especially in the first year. The Rally Sweden organisation as well as the political leaders of Umeå have the full, unqualified support for this new adventure from both the FIA and WRC Promoter and we look forward to February 2022!

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