Rally Sweden 2021 goes north for more snow safe stages

The 2021 edition of Rally Sweden moves more up north in Värmland and also into Dalarna to find more snow safe stages. These years new stages presented good snow conditions even during last winters extreme weather situation. Our 100% new stages is SS Lima East, SS Lima West, SS Skrockarberget and SS Kindsjön. SS Kristinefors is also a new stage but 50% of the stage was used in 2010. The 2021 itinerary will have 92% new and new-old stages.

The opening ceremony will be held, as always, at Karlstad SSS Arena with fireworks and hopefully the Prince of Sweden as the opening speaker. SS Torsby Sprint will be used both Friday and Saturday with the famous Swecon Rock to Road Arena. And… at SS Vargåsen we still have the iconic Colins Crest Arena included.

Feels great to present four totally new stages. It’s always difficult to find alternatives that keeps up with the demands but with a TFZ it really opens up, says Rally Swedens route manager Johan Magnusson.

92% is a really good ratio and it will bring some new challenges for the teams. I’m also happy that we still cross the border and runs the rally in both Sweden and Norway, says Rally Swedens clerk of the course Stig-Rune Kjernsli.

We really wanna experience a great winter rally again after last years nightmare weather conditions, this setup feels safer and hopefully the Covid-19 situation develops in an acceptable way the coming months, says Rally Swedens CEO Glenn Olsson.

See the overview map and the itinerary here.