Stages and timetable for Rally Sweden 2023

Rally Sweden is now announcing its timetable and stages for the second WRC rally in Umeå, 9–12 February 2023.

“It’s been amazing getting ready for a second year of world championship rally here in Umeå. Unlike last year, when we had to start from scratch, a lot of the groundwork has already been done. Now we know what we have to work with. And above all, local residents, businesses and local and regional authorities know what a global event of this kind entails, and also the benefits it can bring,” says Stig Rune Kjernsli, Clerk of the Course WRC.

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Route Manager Roland ‘Mikro’ Åström is pleased with the results and looks forward to this year’s races, and he says they’re going to be even better and tighter – great news for competitors and spectators alike.

“We have of course made a few adjustments since last year. There are three new stages, and four that have gone. And this year, the Red Barn Arena will be an even more natural hub where every race day begins and ends. This is where presentation, the grand opening, the start and the deciding Power Stage will take place – and also the Service Park, as before within walking distance at Nolia Exhibition & Congress Centre. All in line with our goal of hosting an intimate, spectator-friendly rally event that’s easy to watch and enjoy, also for new spectators and those that like to take things a bit easier,” says Mikro.

Rally Sweden can also announce that the ever-popular historic class will go ahead as usual, now fully managed by the local motor clubs. Expect renowned drivers and famous cars.

“As we’ve had the course approved by the FIA and WRC, we can devote our time and energy to preparing the stages and spectator spots, all to make the best event possible,” Mikro concludes. He extends a warm welcome to all the racers and spectators coming to Umeå in February 2023!