Jennie won the RIX FM competition

Rally Sweden och Rix FM’s campaign was a big success with a huge number of sent in answers. Marketing director of Rally Sweden, Andreas Slätt commented: ”Yes, we can call it a success. With Olas utmaning on Kalvholmen as the peak. A huge success” Slätt ended. The jury came up with a winner:

”It would be a perfect 40th birthday present for my rally interested in Irish fiance!Three birds with one stone: gift, an incredible experience to see the rally ”live” andalso to experience the wonderful Swedish nature in the woods! ”

Winners of this reasoning, Jennie was from Ireland.

Rally Sweden got hold of Jennie on Tuesday afternoon and it is a long distance call. Jennie lives namely in Dublin, Ireland with her husband.
-Absolutely wonderful! Now we have to book your trip and take us to the Rally Sweden to experience everything in place. Totally amazing, laughs Jennie. She explains further that it is her husband who is ”crazy rally,” but that his enthusiasm, of course, spreads over the whole family.
-It is not a day without the talk rally in one way or another.

Jennie says that she follows through Rix FM Internet radio in Ireland and just lovethat channel. When the contest with Rally Sweden and Ola’s challenge ”owned” the airwaves, she went in to compete, and the regret she did not today.
-No, we are very pleased and very grateful. Thank you!

We end the conversation with Jennie and wish her a safe trip to Sweden and Rally Sweden February 9 -12.