New cars boost media interest

Rally Sweden i s the 2011 WRC season opener, but it´s more than that. For the first time the WRC teams enter the rally with completely new cars. They are built according to a new technical regulation that make the rally still more interesting. Not only for the spectators but also for media and of course for the WRC teams. In fact they cannot be curtain of their own competitiveness until the cars have met on the first stage Friday morning February 11.

The rally starts at the Färjestad Trotting course on Thursday evening with a starting ceremony from 19.00. The first two cars will start on the stage at 20.00. But on this tricky super special stage nobody thinks that the cars will show their real ability. But on Friday morning the serious battle begins. The spectators at famous Colin´s Crest can judge. Which car will be the fastest and jump the longest?