Race against the clock for the broadcast

Fédération Internationale de l´Automobile , FIA, has not managed to solve the TV issue before the Rally Sweden.
Now Rally Sweden organiziers working against the clock to ensure that images from the event is broadcasted over the entire world.
– We do our utmost to resolve this, says Rally Sweden CEO Glenn Olsson (pictured).

Last Friday night FIA announce the failure to forge a new promoter and television producer for the World Rally Championship 2012. For a long time, there were high hopes that Eurosport would step in and replace the North One Sport, which went bankrupt, but this is not the case. Instead, the FIA ​​has transferred the television rights in the championship for the individual competition to the organizers.
– We have already contacted several companies that can come here and deal with television production. The next step is to sell the output to the TV companies to thus ensure the entire deal financially, says Olsson.

The WRC premiere, classical Monte Carlo Rally, bought 48 broadcasters worldwide rights.
– It is above all those we are processing right now and many people are involved to make contacts and sign contracts. We are facing a tough challenge given that the race starts with a super special stage on Thursday evening, but we are optimistic and believe in a solution.