Speedy start at SSS Karlstad on Thursday

On Thursday evening, starting this year’s Rally Sweden with the now classic super special stage on Färjestadtravet in Karlstad. And it will be speedy. It promises Tommy Kristoffersson and Peter Hedström in front of packed stands will meet in a spectacular rally show.

The countdown to Rally Sweden 2012 has begun. On Thursday night, exactly four minutes past eight, starting WRC second race with the first heat on the Super Special Stage Karlstad.

But before it’s time for Sebastien Loeb, Petter Solberg, Patrik Sandell and the other superstars take the path of possession will include interviews, driver presentations, autograph, official opening, fireworks and a thrilling rallycross exhibition with a duel man to man with Tommy Kristoffersson and Peter Hedstrom. Kristofferson will be there in a VW Scirocco while Hedstrom drives the Skoda Fabia which he recently purchased by Michael Jernberg. Both cars are good for over 600 hp and does 0-100 km / h in about 2.5 seconds.

Kristofferson, 52, is the most experienced of the two. He has successfully competed in both rally and racing. He is now a team manager for the Volkswagen team in STCC.
– So far I’ve only used the Scirocco as a showcar in various contexts, but maybe, just maybe racing debuts I use it in conjunction with this summer’s European Championship events. I have at least checked that the contest will not collide with any of the races in the STCC, said Kristofferson, who will run Thursday’s duel with the left foot in a cast.
– A few weeks ago I slipped on a patch of ice at home in Arvika and broke my left leg just above the ankle. What the doctor thinks that I run the race with my foot I do not know. I have not asked.

28-year-old Peter Hedstrom from Torsby have certainly competed at high level in many years, but is this season facing its greatest challenge in his career. Hedstrom, who have been involved in eight European Championship events, namely to drive throughout the championship.
– A medal in the European Championships as well as gold in the SM is the goal, says Hedstrom, whose main success so far in their careers, from 2008, when he very surprisingly won an SM-leg in Strängnäs before distinguished gentlemen as Norwegian Sverre Isachsen and Andreas Eriksson.

The opening program SSS Karlstad on Färjestad Thursday, February 9

17.00: The gates open.
At 18:15 to 18:45: Top Drivers with co-driver writes autographs in Totohallen.
19:10: Line up
19.15: The riders have the starting position for Phase 1.
19:36: Swedish Rally Driver’s Club by Chair Bjorn Waldegard awards honorary plaque to young rally drivers.
19:45: Rallycross Display with Tommy Kristofferson, VW Scirocco and Peter Hedstrom, Skoda Fabia.
19:57: Opening ceremony with a speech by Governor Eva Eriksson.
19:59: Fireworks.
20:04: The first heat.

Photo: Jenny Kristoffersson

Left leg in plaster does not stop Tommy Kristoffersson from running rallycross exhibition at Rally Sweden begins in Karlstad on Thursday evening.