The church invests in Rally Sweden

Swedish Church invests heavily in Rally Sweden this year.
As usual the last few years it will take to the large audience venues with ”rallypriests” who will be on hand to provide assistance in all possible situations and help create a good atmosphere.

But now will also organize a rally Chapel, with both the theme and location suited to the rally and a concert.

Services are held at Gustav Adolf parish on Sunday, February 12 kl.11.03, about seven miles from the finish of SS 20 and SS 23, Rämmen. It serves coffee and bread, is access to toilets and heating.

But on Thursday a concert is held, ”Pit stop” in the church in Hagfors at 19.00 with Cantor Mr. Soderstrom and a youth choir.

Hagfors Gustav Adolf parish and rallypriests Karin Johannsson, Johan Ernstsson and others welcome you all.