Tidemand won on the last stage

With a supreme effort on the last leg Pontus Tidemand (pictured) won the SM premiere Rally Uppsala. Tidemand won the race 1.5 seconds before the Per-Arne Sääv, which in turn was five seconds ahead of Mats Jonsson, who topped the rally before the closing stage.

On the service break at lunch all the talk was about Per-Arne Sääv attacking Mats Jonssonon the last SS with only 0.3 seconds separating into Jonsson’s advantage.

16 seconds behind Sääv was Pontus Tidemand, who would become the main character in the drama.

Tidemand, who made his first SM race in the new car, a Skoda Fabia S2000, invested heavily in the final two legs and it lasted all the way to victory.
– It feels good that I have the capacity to increase speed when needed. It was full attack, you have to entertain the audience as well, said Pontus Tidemand after the finish.

That he was forced to take in so hard to catch up, he sees as pure training.
– It’s obviously good that the resistance is hard, it develops me as a driver, says Pontus who saw SM contest as a good workout for Rally Sweden February 9-12.

Direct from Uppsala Tidemand went to Stockholm to the Bilsports anniversary gala (the magazine turned 50) to receive the prize for this year’s Rally Junior. Tidemand was also rewarded by the newspaper’s readers and was named Junior of the Year (in all categories).

Although Per-Arne Sääv kept a fast pace at the end of the Rally Uppsala, he had to settle for second place 1.5 seconds after Tidemand. To beat Mats Jonsson was pleasing but to be 1.5 seconds from victory was a pity.
– It grieves me a bit but I am not ashamed to be second behind Pontus Tidemand, saying Sääv.

From first to third place fell Mats Jonsson. The speed of the competitors was an explanation for it. The engine another.
– I’m actually glad that I’m in goal, the engine leaked water as I had with me a bit to load at startup, says Jonsson.

Results Rally Uppsala
1) Pontus Tidemand / Jorgen Nordhagen, SMK Eda, Skoda Fabia S2000, 53.43,7
2) Per-Arne Sääv / Karl-Olof Lexe, VÖMK, ditto, + 1.5 sec
3) Mats Jonsson / Johnny Johansson, Forshaga MC, Ford Escort WRC, + 6.5
4) Mats Thorszelius / Tomas Thorszelius, SMK Uppsala, Subaru Impreza, + 54.6
5) Kristian Johansson / Fredrik Livh, Kinds MK, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, + 1.22,4 min
6) Patrik Johansson / Jesper Johansson, Wäxjö MS, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, + 1.35,1
7) Martin Berglund / Joakim Gevert, MK Gavle, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, + 1.55,1
8) Per-Arne Ljung / Kjell Andersson, Hofors MS, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V, + 1.57,4
9) Jari Saarinen / Jorgen Fornander, MSK Left wings, Ford Focus WRC, + 2.03,3
10) Robin Friberg / Niklas Fransson, Ludvika MS, Mitsubishi Lancer, + 2.34,8


Photo: Urban Andersson

Pontus Tidemand finished Rally Uppsala strong. On the last leg trick him the victory.