TV issue still alive – decision on Tuesday

The question of TV production of Rally Sweden 2012 has top priority at Rally HQ in Karlstad.

– Svenska Rally AB is putting all efforts into finding funding for a high-quality TV broadcast from Rally Sweden 2012, says company CEO Glenn Olsson.

It was last Friday that FIA announced that they had not managed to find a new promoter and TV production company for the World Rally Championship 2012. At the same time, FIA transferred the TV rights for the separate events back to the different organisers.

Since then the management of Rally Sweden have been working round the clock to find a solution.

– Finnish company Filmworks, which has produced TV broadcasts from the WRC for 5 years running, is prepared to come to Sweden on short notice, but we cannot make any decisions regarding production until we have secured that the revenues are in parity with the costs, says Olsson.

The absolute deadline for the decision is on Tuesday, February 7 at 12.00 CET.

The services/productions that Rally Sweden plans to make available to interested parties are:

• Newsfeeds every day, Thursday-Sunday.
• Daily highlights 26 min, Friday-Sunday.
• Event Review 52 min, Sunday.


Glenn Olsson, CEO Svenska Rallyt AB, glenn@rallysweden.com Tel. +46 70 269 10 68
Marko Viitanen, CEO FW Filmworks OY, marko.viitanen@filmworks.fi