Year: 2018

Date set and information published around 2019

Finally the first information around Rally Sweden 2019 is published. The course is very similar to 2018 and the biggest difference is that SS Torntorp is changed to SS Rämmen. The total special stage length is 319,17 km and 21,8% is new compared to 2018. Last Friday FIA also decided the calendar for 2019 and the date February 14-17th is finally set.

Date set for Rally Sweden 2019

Rally Sweden 2019 will most likely run on February 14th-17th. WRC Promoter has this week presented the date to the FIA for approval.

Thank You from Rally Sweden 2018

Belgium, Japan and Sweden - those are your three countries taking the Rally Sweden 2018 title!

Rally Sweden winner 2018

It’s official: Thierry Neuville takes it all the way this time and wins Rally Sweden 2018!

Rally Sweden WRC2 winner 2018

It’s official: Takamoto Katsuta gets the WRC2 win in Rally Sweden 2018!

Rally Sweden JWRC winner 2018

It’s official: Dennis Rådström is our JWRC winner of Rally Sweden 2018!

Day 3 – Summary

A Belgium victory is getting closer and closer. So is also a Japanese one.

Day 3 – Halftime

Shifting positions and great action as Saturday kicked off.

Day 2 – Summary

A Friday across the border with fresh fallen snow and massive snowbanks.

Day 2 – Halftime

Day 2 is here and we're halfway through in a very tight race so far.
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