30 Years Since Rally Sweden Victory

This year marks 30 years since local hero and Vännäs MK driver Thomas Rådström won Rally Sweden in Karlstad. It will, of course, be commemorated with "Rådis" performing exhibition runs in a similar car as back then, the Toyota Celica GT4 ST185, thus warming the hearts of rally enthusiasts with nostalgia.

There have been whispers and rumours in various rally forums that Rådström might make an appearance in some capacity for the 30th anniversary. Fortunately, it turned out to be true, and when Rally Sweden kicks off in 2024, the audience will see Thomas Rådström once again.

Zero Car on Saturday

He has rented Jari-Matti Latvala’s old Celica and will take his place behind the wheel once more. He will act as the “zero car” for Historic during all three Historic stages on Saturday. As the schedule stands now, he will also drive on The Red Barn stage on Saturday evening.

“It feels natural that we want to highlight Thomas’s achievement during this year’s event, and it’s especially exciting that it happens exactly 30 years after his victory in the Swedish Rally,” says Erik Åström, event director of Rally Sweden.

27 stage wins

Thomas Rådström clinched victory on 27 stages during his career in the WRC series between 1994 and 2002. Four times, Thomas “Rådis” Rådström stood on the podium in the rally-VM, three of which were in the classic Swedish Rally.


Victory in Rally Sweden, ahead of Mats Jonsson and Stig Blomqvist.


He finished third behind Kenneth Eriksson and Tommi Mäkinen. In 1999, once again, “Rådis” secured a third-place finish with Tommi Mäkinen taking the win and Spaniard Carlos Sainz in second place.


Thomas Rådström finished second, 28 seconds behind Harri Rovanperä, with Spaniard Carlos Sainz in third place.


The only podium finish on snow-free terrain came in Kenya and Nairobi this year. Rådström finished third behind victorious Colin McRay and Harri Rovanperä in second place.