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A six-time world champion in rallycross, three Swedish drivers in Indycar, world gold and silver in karting…

Swedish motorsport is thriving like never before.

“Our sport may not look like many other sports, but we have a national team program and training methodology that supports and develops our athletes in the same professional manner,” says national coach Pier Steffansson.

Of course, it’s not possible to compare the National Motorsport Team with, for example, the national football team or the national cross-country skiing team, but if you look a little closer, you’ll see that many things are very similar.

Pier Steffansson (national coach) and Ellinor Aspeqvist (assistant national coach) lead the national motorsport team in a methodical and developmental way.

Ellinor Aspeqvist, assistant national coach, The National Motorsport Team

“The national team has really become a success formula for us. Our main goal is to develop drivers and co-drivers and provide them with as many tools as possible. This can include everything from physical training, specifications and nutrition to training camps, mental training, networking, work with partners and sponsors, as well as research and development,” says Pier Steffansson.

“We have made great strides in national team work and work closely with, among others, the Swedish Sports Confederation. I and Pier have found a good setup, and our different experiences complement each other perfectly,” says Ellinor Aspeqvist.

More about the Swedish National Team

Pier Steffansson, national coach, The National Motorsport Team

Here are some of the things the National Motorsport Team does.

National coach Pier Steffansson explains:

Fitness tests at Bosön

“We have developed a fitness testing program together with the lab at Bosön. It’s incredibly important for us to find areas where we can further improve.”

Mental counseling

“Mental counseling is one of the many factors we work with. A number of different counselors work with our drivers who have clearly stated that it is thanks to this that they are where they are today.”

FIA Rally Star

FIA Rally Star, the international federation’s initiative to find talent to support in driving in the Rally World Championship. In 2022, Sweden held selections, where the winners went to the European final and competed for the grand prize – to be one of the drivers in the training program with the opportunity to drive in the Junior World Championship.

A total of eight Swedes went to the European final and competed against a total of 82 starters.

“It was a success for us. We became the best nation, Maja Hallen-Fellenius won her class, and Patrik Hallberg became the runner-up overall. Additionally, four Swedes made it to the final out of a total of 18. Top it off with the fact that shortly after the final, Hallberg was invited by the FIA as a driver coach to the semi-final held in Abu Dhabi,” says Steffansson.

“Maja Hallen-Fellenius, who won her class in the European final, got to participate in a world final for women held in Italy in spring 2023, where she finished second.”

Driving camps

In early May, Swedish motorsport gathered parts of its national team for a successful day camp at Järfällabanan. The focus of the day was on karting, networking, and exchanging experiences between drivers, as well as getting quantity training with driving. Nearly 15 participants from various disciplines, both asphalt and gravel, were gathered to give their interpretation of driving technique.

“It’s so rewarding for our drivers to come together, share experiences, and develop each other.”

Camps, theory & physical training

Lectures and team-building combined with physical training programs.

Partner days

“We arrange a joint activity day for the national team drivers’ partners. In 2023, a long-distance race was held in circuit racing where all drivers could invite their partners for a motorsport day where they themselves get to sit behind the wheel. A day filled with people and networking that creates opportunities.”

Co-driver group

A newly started project in 2023 is a co-driver group within the national team aimed at developing co-drivers who currently compete at an international level. The goal is to create networks, exchange experiences, and provide mentorship. Patrik Barth leads the group together with the national team and also works with drivers in the national team to develop note writing.

Fieldwork, networking

Fieldwork is an important part of the national team management’s work. Visibility, networking, and communication at partner meetings, with the Swedish Sports Confederation, various sports forums, participation in tests and competitions, and team visits give us insight and knowledge that are important pieces of the puzzle for success.

Legal counseling

Contradiction, contracts, and counseling.

Presentation materials, Media Training, Content creations.

Support in producing materials

Junior project, circuit racing

“A project where we give young talents the opportunity to try competing in car racing through a collaboration between Porsche Sprint Challenge and the Swedish Motorsport Federation. The work began in 2022, and by the 2023 season, everything fell into place. Experienced national team driver Thed Björk served as a mentor and coach for the juniors – a textbook example of experience exchange from senior to junior. Three drivers competed with the car in the 2023 season: Joel Bergström, William Karlsson, and Viktor Gustafsson.”

Exchange of experiences between sports disciplines

“The networking part is extremely important for us. There is so much knowledge and experience to share when you gather at our camps.”

FIA’s women’s initiative

“I am elected to the FIA’s Women In Motorsport Commission to work to promote women in motorsport. There are major challenges for women to emerge in our sport as well, so it feels especially good, for example, that we manage to bring Klara Andersson to the world top.”

FIA Motorsport Games

“Motorsport’s equivalent of the Olympics, we compete under the national team flag. Last time, we participated in eight out of 16 disciplines; in October, we aim higher.”

The National Motorsport Team

What else is happening in 2024?

“Many exciting things are happening during the year. In addition to the FIA Motorsport Games, we are focusing on the FIA Karting Academy and Rally Jameel. Additionally, our regular national team activities continue with camps, training, dialogues with the Swedish Sports Confederation, and the usual support apparatus. The goal is to produce even more Swedish drivers at the absolute world top.”

Medal Table 2023

Major Swedish international successes in 2023.

Rallycross World Championship
1:a Johan Kristoffersson
2:a Kevin Hansen

Rallycross European Championship
1:a Anton Marklund

Rally X Supercar
1:a Johan Kristoffersson
2:a Kevin Eriksson

Karting World Championship
2:a Viktor Gustafsson

Karting Junior World Championship
3:a Scott Kin Lindblom

IAME World Finals, X30 masters
1:a Viktor Öberg

Indy 500
2:a Marcus Ericsson

1:a Johan Kristoffersson & Mikaela Åhlin Kottunlinsky
2:a Mattias Ekström
3:a Kevin Hansen

Selection of other Swedish international successes in 2023::


Top fuel:
1:a Ida Zetterström
2:a Susanne Callin

Pro Modied:
1:a Jan Ericsson

Pro Stock:
1:a Michael Malmgren
2:a Stefan Emryd
3:a Simon Ekengren


Adac Opel E-Cup:
1:a Calle Carlberg & Torbjörn Carlberg


NEZ junior Championship 125cc
1:a Eivind Walfridsson Dahl

NEZ Championship 250cc
2:a Sebastian Ainerfors
3:a Oskar Nord Jansson

NEZ Championship 650cc
2:a Erik Andersson

NEZ Championship Xtreme Junior
2:a Charlie Rosmalm-Sebom
3:a Josefin Holmqvist

NEZ Championship Xtreme
2:a Elias Nilsson


1:a Sebastian Enholm
3:a Elias Svensson

Open 2wd:
1:a Simon Tiger
2:a Viktor Johansson
3:a Björn Stuhre

Supercar Lites:
1:a Simon Olofsson
2:a Martin Enlund
3:a Lukas Andersson

Nitro Rallycross Next
2:a Casper Jansson

Nitro Rallycross Group E
1:a Robin Larsson

1:a Nils Andersson
2:a Isak Sjökvist
3:a Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky