Entry List Rally Sweden 2024

The registration for Rally Sweden 2024 is now closed. 56 teams from 27 different countries will participate in the WRC event in Umeå from February 15-18. The two recent years' winners, Kalle Rovanperä and Ott Tänak, both join the competition, along with the Swedish headline name Oliver Solberg.

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As the WRC season’s second leg, Rally Sweden, just like the two previous years in Umeå, promises to be a winter rally of the highest order. The snowy landscape already frames Västerbotten, providing a picturesque setting for the upcoming rally stages.

Notably, Rally Sweden has achieved a participant record since the competition relocated to Umeå. The debut attracted 45 teams in the first year. Last year, 52 teams enrolled, and this year sees a remarkable increase, with a total of 56 teams/drivers representing 27 countries, including exciting nations like Oman, Kazakhstan, and Chile, experiencing the atmosphere in Umeå for the first time.

Record number of participants and dream weather

“It’s naturally delightful that we’ve attracted so many drivers to this year’s event, and particularly pleasing is the record number of participants in the junior WRC class, with 19 teams set to start,” says competition director Stig-Rune Kjernsli. He adds, “We are also very pleased to have enticed many new drivers making their debut in Umeå. However, I personally find it unfortunate that we couldn’t get any Norwegians to join us,” notes the Norwegian competition director.

Instead, he can rejoice in a new participant record and the amount of snow and weather variation that, as of now, seems to create excellent sporting conditions.

The snow has truly helped us frame the competition as the winter rally it is meant to be. The mild weather after Christmas created an ice surface that hopefully provides a solid rally foundation for the stages.

3 x Swedish

Noteworthy for the 2024 event is that the starting field includes not one, not two, but three Swedes. The headline name and factory driver Oliver Solberg, with co-driver Elliott Edmondson, are accompanied by Isak Reiersen/Lucas Karlsson in the WRC 2 class. In WRC 3 and the junior WRC, the audience will get acquainted with Mille Johansson/Johan Grönvall.

“It’s exciting that we have more Swedish drivers starting, and even if I might have hoped for a few more considering all the semi-professional teams in Sweden, it’s still a step forward compared to the previous Rally Sweden events in Umeå,” concludes Kjernsli.

Tight at the top

In the WRC 1 class, a large number of world-class stars are set to start. The Toyota team fields three drivers for the Umeå race, and the Japanese car manufacturer has had two entirely different experiences at Rally Sweden. The opening year saw two out of three podium finishes. Last year, they finished fourth and fifth and also witnessed Takamoto Katsuta roll significantly, forcing him to retire from the competition.

The World Champion

In the debut year, Kalle Rovanperä emerged victorious in Umeå. The Finnish driver, who won the entire WRC series in both 2022 and 2023, is, despite announcing a part-time effort this year, undoubtedly one of the favorites. The brit Elfyn Evans finished fourth last year and has, so far, struggled to maintain full focus during his participation in Rally Sweden.

Last year’s winner

The Hyundai team, with last year’s winner Ott Tänak and his loyal co-driver Martin Järveoja, is also entering the competition. Whether the new environment will lead him to repeat the victory from 2023 remains to be seen. Hyundai’s other rally duo, Thierry Neuville and the always sharp Finn Esa-Pekka Lappi, will definitely pose a threat to victory if they can steer their cars on the right side of the margins on the winter roads. Belgian Thierry Neuville, third in the overall series in 2023, has been on the podium both times in Umeå. Lappi finished second when driving for Toyota in 2022 and was strongly in the race for victory in over two-thirds of the competition last year before going off the road on the penultimate stage on Saturday.

The Challengers

M-Sport Ford celebrated with their headline name Ott Tänak on top of the podium at The Red Barn Arena last year. For Rally Sweden, team manager Richard Millener brings up-promoted WRC 2 driver Grégoire Munster from Luxembourg in the top driver class, and the team also gives Frenchman Adrien Fourmaux another chance. He participated in 2022 but had to retire due to a mechanical issue.

20 x WRC2

In the WRC 2 class, there will undoubtedly be a close fight for victory. No less than 20 teams will start, and last year’s winner, now driving for Skoda’s factory team, Oliver Solberg, is, of course, the big favorite on home turf. The class features a whole roster of new teams making their debut in the competition. Toyota presents two Japanese-Finnish debutant teams, Yuki Yamamoto/Marko Salminen and Hikaru Kogure/Topi Luhtinen.

Entries for WRC Rally Sweden, February 15–18, 2024

WRC – FIA World Rally Championship

Hyundai Shell Mobis WRT, Hyundai i20 N Rally 1;

Thierry Neuville/Martijn Wydaeghe, Belgien
Ott Tänak/Martin Järveoja, Estland, Esa-Pekka Lappi/Janne Ferm, Finland

M-Sport Ford WRT, Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1;

Adrien Fourmaux/Alexandre Coria, Frankrike
Grégoire Munster/Louis Louka, Luxemburg/Belgien

Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT NG, Toyota GR Yaris Rally 1;

Takamoto Katsuta/Aaron Johnston, Japan/Irland
Elfyn Evans/Scott Martin, Storbritannien, Kalle Rovanperä/Jonne Halttunen, Finland
Lorenzo Bertelli/Simone Scattolin, Italien

FIA WRC2 Championship

Skoda WRT

Oliver Solberg/Elliott Edmondson, Sverige/England, Skoda Fabia RS


Sami Pajari/Enni Mälkönen, Finland, Toyoya GR Yaris
Michal Solowow/Maciej Baran, Polen, Skoda Fabia RS
Rakan Al-Rashed/Hugo Magalhães, Saudiarabien/Puerto Rico, Skoda Fabia RS

Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT NG

Yuki Yamamoto/Marko Salminen, Japan/Finland, Toyota GR Yaris
Hikaru Kogure/Topi Luhtinen, Japan/Finland, Toyota GR Yaris
Nikolay Gryazin/Konstantin Aleksandrov, Citroen C3
Emil Lindholm/Reeta Hämäläinen, Finland, Hyundai i20 N
Lauri Joona/Janni Hussi, Finland, Skoda Fabia RS
Georg Linnamäe/James Morgan, Estland/England, Toyota GR Yaris
Mikko Heikkilä/Kristian Temonen, Finland, Toyota GR Yaris
Fabrizio Zaldivar/Marcelo der Ohannesian, Paraguay/Italien, Skoda Fabia RS
Gregor Jeets/Timo Taniel, Estland, Skoda Fabia RS
Roope Korhonen/Anssi Viinikka, Finland, Toyoya Yaris RS
William Creighton/Liam Regan, Irland, Ford Fiesta MK II
Jan Solans/Rodrigo Sanjuan, Spanien, Toyoya GR Yaris
Isak Reiersen/Lucas Karlsson, Skoda Fabia RS
Marko Viitanen/Tapio Suominen, Finland, Skoda Fabia RS
Alejandro Muaro/Adrián Pérez, Mexico/Spanien, Skoda Fabio Evo
James Leckey/Stephen Mcauley, England, Citroen C3

RC 3 (Ford Fiesta Rally 3)

Jan Černý/Ondřej Krajca, Tjeckien
Filip Kohn/Tom Woodburn, Tjeckien/Tyskland

RC3/FIA Junior WRC Championship (Ford Fiesta Rally 3)

Diego Dominguez/Rogelio Penate, Parguay/Spanien
Norbert Maior/Francesca Maior, Uruguay
Romet Jürgenson/Siim Oja, Estland
Bruno Bulacia/Gabriel Morales, Bolivia/Brasilien
Eamonn Kelly/Conor Mohan, Irland
Jakub Matulka/Daniel Dymurski, Polen
Mille Johansson/Johan Grönvall, Sverige
Fabio Schwarz/Bernhard Ettel, Tyskland/Österrike
Roberto Blach/Mauro Barreiro, Spanien
Tom Rensonnet/Loïc Dumont, Belgien
Taylor Gill/Daniel Brkic, Österrike
Raúl Hernanez/José Murado, Spanien
Nataniel Bruun/Pablo Olmos, Bolivia/Argentina
Petr Borodin/Roman Cheprassov, Kazakstan
Abdullah al-Rawahi/Ata al-hmoud, Oman/Jordanien
Gerardo Rosselot/Marcelo Brizio, Chile/Argentina
Abelardo Caparo/Esther Gutierrez, Peru/Spanien
Max Smart/Cameron Fair, Sydafrika/England
André Martinez/Guillermo Sierra, Peru.

RC2 (Rally 2)

Ricardo Trivino/Diego Fuentes, Mexico/Spanien, Skoda Fabia RS
Kees Burger/Teemu Arminen, Holland/Finland, Skoda Fabia Evo
Jaroslaw Koltun/Ireneusz Pleskot, Polen, Ford Fiesta MK II
Tony Ribaudo/Julien Degrange, Frankrike, Skoda Fabia

RC2 (Rally 3)

Oreste Milani/Nicola Arena, Italien, Ford Fiesta Rally 3

RC2 (Rally 4)

Matteo Fontana/Alessandro Arnaboldi, Italien, Peugeot 208 Rally 4

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Entries for Rally Sweden Historic 15–17 februari 2024

Rally Sweden Historic 2024

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Class 10

Mats Jonsson/Jon Magnusson, Sweden, Forshaga MC/SMK Linde, Toyota Celica GT-4

Rally Team Racepart Sweden
Tobias Johansson/Mikael Johansson, Sweden, Ludvika MS, Audi Urquattro A2

Sören Olsson/Patrik Karlsson, Sweden, Films MK, Toyota Celica GT-4

Lasse Storm/Ulf Storm, Sweden, KAK, Opel Kadett GSI

Ricardo Hillesjö Petri Väätänen Sweden Sweden Haninge MK Haninge MK Suzuki Swift Gti

Anders Nystedt/Björn Wulff, Sweden, Vallentuna MK, Opel Kadett GSI 16V

Björn Willman/Jonny Olofsson, Sweden, Vännäs MK/Umeå AK, Peugeot 205 GTI 1,9

Christer Sjögren/Mikael Sundström, Sweden, Vännäs MK, Saab 99 Turbo

Class 9

Team EMC Motorsport
Håkan Lindh/Håkan Berger, Sweden, Laxå MK/Fjugesta, MS Volvo 242

GK Door Team Sweden
Christer Hedlund/Stefan Ahl, Sweden, Lycksele MK/Lima MS, Ford Escort RS 1800

Nils Östgård/Fredrik Andrén, Sweden, Vännäs MK/Umeå AK, Volvo 242

Anton Mattsson/Erika Eriksson, Sweden, Umeå AK, Volvo 242

Peter Lindblad/Bengt Lindblad, Sweden, Sigtuna RC, Opel Ascona B

Team EMC Motorsport
Erik Eriksson/Mikael Nilsson, Sweden, Enköpings MK/Rasbo MK, Volvo 242

Mats Persson/Maud Norell, Sweden, Laxå MK, Volvo 242

Robert Andersson/Jesper Samuelsson, Sweden, Eskilstuna MK/Storfors MK, Volvo 242

Team Tia Racing
Kurt Ljung/Bengt Sandberg, Sweden, Vaxholms MK/Umeå AK, Opel Ascona B

Geoservice AB
Kalle Olstam/Nathalie Wennerström, Sweden, Nora MK, Volvo 240

Opus Bilprovning
Christer Larsson/Jan Adolfsson, Sweden, Munkfors Motorclub Finnskoga, MK Volvo 244

Leif Ek/Tobias Eriksson/Ek, Sweden, Vännäs MK, Volvo 242

Class 8

Team Bussgods
Jöns Jonsson/Arvid Lindgren, Sweden, Offerdals MK/Bergs MK, Opel Kadett GT/E

Janne Westlund/Maria Björk Svensson, Sweden, MK Kopparberg, Opel Ascona CF

Bevelko Historic
Henrik Boivie/Micael Björklund, Sweden, Östhammars MK/Rasbo MK, Ford Escort RS 1600

Class 7

Lennart Landström/Eric Lennartsson, Sweden, Lycksele MK/Vännäs MK, Volvo Amazon

Class 5

Peter Lundgren/Johan Emilsson, Sweden, Skillingaryds MK, Volvo PV

Class 3

Rally Team Racepart Sweden
Jan-Erik Eriksson/Torbjörn Carlberg, Sweden, Ludvika MS/Nässjö MK, Saab 96 Sport

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