New points calculation in WRC

Starting from Monte-Carlo 2024, the scoring system for WRC will look completely different. Participants still compete for a maximum of 25 points per event (plus the Power Stage), but they are divided into two sets, so to speak. All to make the competitions exciting right up to the finish line on Sundays. This was revealed when this year's regulations were presented by the FIA last week.

The changes apply only to the main class Rally1 and the battle for the driver/co-driver world championship title as well as the manufacturers. Now, teams will earn points based on the standings after the last stage on Saturday. The leader will receive 18 points, the second-place 15, the third-place 13, the fourth-place 10, and then 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1 for the tenth-place.

On Sunday, you could say that the competition starts again, and they vie for an additional seven points for the overall winner of the day’s stages. The second-place will get 6, and then decreasing for those who finish seventh.

No points before the finish line

The condition is that you must reach the finish line on Sunday to earn the points from Saturday. If you are forced to retire on Sunday, there will be no points, regardless of the Saturday standings. They will be moved down to the next in line.

Power Stage

As before, on the final stage, five extra points will be awarded to the fastest, decreasing to one point for the fifth. This applies regardless of the class. So, just as before, the maximum points for a competition weekend are 30. This way, the battle for points will continue right to the very end.

The separate Power Stage points for Rally2/WRC2, where the fastest time previously earned 3 extra points, will be removed. However, they can still compete for the top five positions and those points with Rally1 cars.