Rally Sweden 2016 – an epilogue

Short but o so sweet.

Three days ago, we sat here waiting for it to get going. Now it’s already over.
Short, but o so sweet.
But no matter how you define time, and how to look at the time that passed these days, one thing is certain: it became, once again, days that truly delivered.

Great drivers, awesome cars and wonderful fans.
Rally Sweden is a party and this year we came out on the other side with a feeling that will live for long.

It may have been a shorter rally this year, the snow was waiting to enter for what seemed like an eternity and stages we all wanted to experience disappeared in the hands of the weather gods.
There was much that was different, but when it came down to the bottom line, the most important thing is that the feeling remained the same; the feeling.
The feeling we all create together and share with each other – organizers, drivers, teams and fans. The feeling of Rally Sweden.
We made sure it was there, again, and made 2016 another year in the line of wonderful memories.

Driveshafts broke. Wheel suspensions broke. Rocks and tree stumps harvested their victims.
The forest takes and the forest gives, and only the strongest survive.

Once again, Sébastien Ogier showed why he is the champion.
Three times world champion in WRC and now also three time champion of Rally Sweden.
We bow down and congratulate – a worthy champion, no doubt.

Elfvyn Evans showed off an impressive stability and drove home WRC2 in style.
Even here, we bow down and say – congratulations Elfvyn, well done.

In closing, we are extremely pleased and proud to have secured a new three-year agreement with the WRC Promoter.
It’s taken time and it’s been a long negotiation but it’s wonderful to be able to finish this year’s rally with such a novelty.

Thank you for this year friends.
We see you all back here in 2017.