Umeå prepared for new success

The last year's competitions om Rally Sweden gave A media exposure that reached at least 76 countries worldwide and a combined reach of 55 million users in various digital channels. Rally Sweden in Umeå 2022 was also a success for the Umeå brand – despite uncertainty until the end of the pandemic would prevent it from being carried out.

– With that in mind and a year’s experience, I’m convinced that Umeå and all its surrounding municipalities are even better equipped than last year to welcome rally fans from all over the world to the winter city of Umeå, says municipal councilor Hans Lindberg.

Umeå is once again ready to embrace the world of rallying.
This time, more and more enthusiasts will have the opportunity to witness the rally party from 9-12 February.

As a winter rally, it was close to perfection last year with a fairytale winter landscape, and the people of Umeå embraced the sport entirely and in all parts.

– The premiere year could not have been better, especially considering the external conditions that affected the arrangement in the start-up phase, states the municipal councilor Hans Lindberg, referring to the covid-19 situation and the fact that the classic competition that has been run in Värmland since 1953 moved more than a hundred miles to the north.

That the rally made an impression on the people of Umeå was and still is visible, if nothing else, on all the characteristic top hats with Rally Sweden’s brand adorning every head in Umeå. Rally Sweden made an immediate impression on the people of
Umeå, who appreciated the party. The event also had the advantage that all ages or gender played no role in that context.

Now that the WC rally is entering its second edition with Umeå as the central city, all suppliers are environmentally certified, and their active contribution to sustainability is an integral part of the event. Last year, the International Automobile Federation, FIA, awarded Rally Sweden three stars, the highest level, in its environmental certification.