Free Bus to the Rally Party at The Red Barn Arena

Rally Magazine

Rally Sweden 2024 is approaching, and to ensure you have the optimal experience of the WRC rally, we advocate for sustainable and safe travel. With your rally ticket, you can travel for free to The Red Barn Arena and the rally party.

If you have a Rally Ticket, you ride for free on all Ultras buses, the airport bus, and the additional city buses on the day your ticket is valid (15-18 February). Free bus rides are applicable on the day or days your rally ticket is valid. Children under 15 years travel for free with an adult holding a valid rally ticket or festival pass.

Download the Ultra App

If you don’t have a Rally Ticket but want to take the bus to the rally, you can easily purchase your ticket in the Ultra app – Umeå’s local transportation app. Besides buying tickets, you can check timetables, receive traffic information, and track the bus in real-time with the “Bus on Map” feature (not applicable to City buses). With these convenient options, your journey to Rally Sweden 2024 becomes both straightforward and hassle-free!

Umeå’s local buses, recognized as Ultra with their blue and green colors, are the perfect way to move around during Rally Sweden. To make your journey even smoother, we have extra buses, City buses, operating between Vasaplan (Umeå city center) and The Red Barn Arena every five minutes during peak hours. With these buses, you can easily travel to and from the best locations in Umeå during the rally party, and it’s significantly more convenient and secure than bringing your own car.

Red Barn and Umeå Service Park

Your route to the rally includes two extra exciting locations during Rally Sweden:
The Red Barn Arena: Four stages take place here on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (15-18 February).
Umeå Service Park: Located at the Dragonskolan stop, vehicle maintenance occurs before and after the special stages. Open every day.

To make your journey even more comfortable, we have set up City buses departing every five minutes during rush hours between Vasaplan and The Red Barn Arena. This ensures you can smoothly reach the key locations in Umeå during the rally party. Using the bus is not only easy but also a safe alternative compared to driving your own car.