The Red Barn Arena 2024

Now, the audience gets even closer to the world’s best drivers

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“We are incredibly pleased with last year’s event, which was a true public success every day. For this year’s event, we will strengthen and further develop the arena experience. During each competition day, all drivers gather in regrouping before the concluding arena stages at The Red Barn Arena,” says Anett Refseth, arena coordinator.

This has been added to create an even closer connection between the audience and the world’s best rally drivers. Regrouping will not only offer fans an opportunity to see their favourite drivers up close but also to witness the preparations and literally feel the adrenaline from the drivers in intense competition conditions.

WRC rally in the city center

The Haga area at I20, located just a minute’s walk from the city centre, is unique in the WRC series due to its central location. Situated in the heart of the action, the arena breaks new ground in the rally world, offering an unbeatable opportunity for fans to be at the centre of the action during the World Rally Championship. A hub for the winter festival where you’ll find food courts, VIP areas, DJs, and live artists.


A full-speed rally in an urban environment is relatively unique for Umeå in the context of the WRC. As Rally Sweden enters its third year in Umeå, the organizers have landed with the secure knowledge that the city and Västerbotten have embraced rally sport.

The Red Barn Arena created a series of magical winter moments last year, appreciated equally by both the initiated rally enthusiast and the uninitiated part of the audience experiencing the speed fest for the first time.

Map Umeå City

Small changes, big difference

For those who have visited the arena before, much will feel familiar. For 2024, the organizers have introduced small but significant changes to enhance the experience further. One of the most noticeable changes is the clear entrance, aimed at making entry and exit smoother and giving visitors a better overview of the event.

“The changes we made last year with clearer audience passages, beer tents, and a horseshoe layout of the track where the audience follows the cars for a longer time inside the arena will remain. For this year’s competition, we want to make it smoother to enter the arena with a clear, shared entrance. We have also introduced VIP stands located near the jump built for the drivers when they enter the arena area,” says Anett Refseth.


With the proven concept and the newly added features, expectations are high for this year’s edition, and The Red Barn Arena looks forward to welcoming the rally family to an unforgettable rally weekend.

Anett Refseth, arenakoordinatorAnett Refseth, arenakoordinator

“What we are most proud of is that we have truly managed to create an arena that suits the whole family. There is something for all ages, and we hope to surpass last year’s public success,” concludes Anett.