Rally Sweden in Umeå

In the right place for development

Rally Magazine

Rally Sweden is back again. The event once again visits Umeå and the region. But personally, I no longer feel like a guest. I have the city in my blood now, truly longing for it, and missing it when I’m not there.

2024 marks the third year Rally Sweden is held in Umeå. But Rally Sweden is not just four competition days where the world’s best rally drivers compete to master the roads. It’s a year-round project. A project that goes from having just a few employees in the company to involving around 4,000 people when the start flag drops, including all the officials. Officials from associations in the region who help us and we help them with financial compensation. After the 2023 Rally Sweden, we paid out approximately 5 million SEK to the local community associations.

Three new years

I want to say that Rally Sweden is starting to become a part of Umeå. And now we anchor ourselves even more after finalizing with the WRC promoter for three new years of the World Rally Championship in Umeå.

For me and for us working with Rally Sweden, it’s wonderful. Together with Umeå and the region, we now have incredible potential to develop it even further, both as a competition, but also as the event and the festival it has already established itself as. When we saw the aerial images over Red Barn last winter, I believe many of us were amazed at what an immensely public event Rally Sweden is. Knowing now that together with Umeå, the region, landowners, partners, associations, and all our beloved officials, we get to continue building this for three new years in Umeå just feels so right.

Anna Nordkvist, CEO Rally Sweden.

We do it together

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all our partners who are involved in Rally Sweden in various ways, many of you are local and regional businesses. Thank you. Together, we create an even better experience for our dear audience.

I am also convinced that there are so many more ideas and solutions that we have not yet thought of for the development of the rally, but I know they will come. New for this year is that we are transitioning to digital tickets, and we are cautiously opening up the first Stage Event on the Sarsjöliden stage.

Rally Sweden came to Umeå three years ago, to a Umeå that is investing and a region with Västerbotten that is on the rise, and that’s exactly the environment that Rally Sweden wants to be a part of.

Warm welcome to this year’s Rally Sweden.

Best regards,
Anna Nordkvist, CEO Rally Sweden.