Behind the Scenes

The Heroes Behind

Rally Magazine

There are many hidden heroes ensuring that Rally Sweden functions smoothly. Lennart Granberg and Lars Ivebo are two of the passionate individuals who contribute significantly to the event’s execution. They may not be prominently visible, but they wield significant control behind the scenes.

This dynamic duo, bound by a long-standing interest in motorsports, took on the responsibility when the world event moved from Karlstad to Umeå in 2022. Initially tasked with what was described as a somewhat minor role, their involvement grew substantially.

Commitment that grew

“First year intentions were to manage signs and volunteer vests, but now, for a significant part of the year, we handle all materials required for the event in various forms. We handle purchases and manage orders,” states the duo as they showcase Rally Sweden’s central warehouse in Umeå.

With an impressive logistical setup, they oversee a massive amount of materials, including 10,000 caps, 5,000 signs, and 4,000 volunteer vests distributed to various stations and stages around Umeå and its surroundings.

Motorsport in their veins

Lars Ivebo, with a background in enduro sports, and Lennart Granberg, a versatile motorsport figure with experience as a car builder, navigator, and service crew member in several teams, including former WRC driver Mikael Ericsson’s team in the past, both carry a profound passion for motorsports.

Their motorsport background provides them with a unique insight into what it takes to make Rally Sweden a success. “Our background certainly helps in this role as we have some experience and understanding of what needs to be done and the requirements involved. Now, the organization has centralized all logistics to these premises, saving a lot of time and becoming significantly more efficient,” the material duo agrees.

Full control – all year round

Being in charge of materials for Rally Sweden is a commitment that spans most of the year, intensifying dramatically a month before the actual event. Managing such a volume of equipment and ensuring everything is in place to guarantee the seamless execution of the competition is a challenge in itself.

“But there aren’t many boxes or materials in here that we don’t have control over,” says Lars Ivebo confidently, walking around the premises and discussing the placement of various items.

Yet, it’s their passion and understanding of the idealistic driving force behind motorsports that truly sets Ivebo and Granberg apart.

Missing the rally themselves

Despite working hard to ensure every detail is in place for Rally Sweden, they don’t get to enjoy watching the competition live. It’s as if they build up the excitement, creating the conditions for others to experience and revel in the motorized magic.

“We stay here during the competition and are on standby, ready to distribute materials if needed. We are proud to be an essential part of this, even if we remain in the background.”

The Heart of Rally Sweden

Ivebo and Granberg represent everything that makes Rally Sweden possible. Their work is indirectly like an invisible masterpiece.

So, when you see the colorful caps, signs along the track, and the well-organized volunteers in their vests during Rally Sweden, remember the two names behind the scenes – Lars Ivebo and Lennart Granberg.

Their passion, dedication, and behind-the-scenes work make the rally an unforgettable experience for all participants and spectators.