Welcome to the rally party. Welcome to Umeå.

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Already after the first year, we saw in Umeå that Rally Sweden is an event that suits the city and the region well. It’s sports at the highest elite level, but it also creates meeting places for residents during four wonderful days, and it puts Umeå on the world map.

This is now the third year that Umeå is hosting the WRC rally event Rally Sweden. Now we also know that there will be several years when Rally Sweden continues in Sweden, as they and the WRC promoter have signed a three-year agreement. A very positive message for us Umeå residents.

Rally Sweden is a wonderfully grand festival and an incredibly fine promotion for the city. And it’s important for the city’s tourism. We have said that Umeå should be a pleasant city to visit.

Skeppsbron in Umeå

Visits and growth

We see in the measurements that Rally Sweden generates visits, measurements that also show fine figures in terms of tax revenues for the municipality. And Rally Sweden, which is one of Sweden’s largest annually recurring sports events, also contributes positively to the growth in Umeå by creating opportunities for jobs and income for associations and businesses.

In Umeå, we have a strong business community. The city aims to grow larger and more populous. And we are on our way. Umeå and its surroundings are growing. But we also want to be a city of experiences with major cultural and sports events, such as Rally Sweden. And when I see how the business community in Umeå and the region have embraced Rally Sweden, it confirms what I already know. The business community in Umeå sees the value of being part of all forms of development in the city and the region. And that is important.

But there are other things that are harder to measure, but just as important – emotions.

Joy, pride, and community

Three words that I think reflect the feelings of Umeå residents for Rally Sweden.

Already in early winter, the Rally hat is seen on every other head. I hear colleagues and people I meet in town talking about the upcoming rally. I hear those who say they are participating as officials. Someone joyfully explains how rallying works. There’s talk about drivers, stages, and which days to visit The Red Barn Arena.

And in all of this, I hear a pride from the residents of Umeå. The pride of belonging to a city where so many together make the city a place filled with experiences.

Warm welcome to Umeå.
Warm welcome to Rally Sweden.

Hans Lindberg, Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board, Umeå Municipality

Hans Lindberg, Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board, Umeå Municipality