Bags are Prohibited and Body Search is Mandatory at The Red Barn Arena

At the end of last year, the Swedish Police made the decision to prohibit bags at larger events. This decision was made based on the current global situation. For The Red Barn Arena, this means that there will be a complete bag ban for the audience. All visitors will also be body searched before they are allowed into the arena.

For regular attendees of sports and entertainment events, this is nothing new. However, for Rally Sweden, it’s the first time the competition needs to implement these measures.

“We will inform as much as we can about the decision we have to adhere to, through various channels. We will also have what we can call checkpoints along the way to Red Barn, where we will remind everyone that bringing bags into the arena is not allowed,” says Erik Åström, Event Director at Rally Sweden.

Arrive on Time

The screening will take place, as usual for major events, just before entry.

“We will have experienced assistance to facilitate and streamline the screening process into Red Barn,” says Åström, who also wants to offer a tip to the audience.

“Arrive on time. We will do everything we can to ensure everything runs smoothly, but arriving on time is always a good tip.”



Bag ban and body search

  • Can I bring a bag with me into the Red Barn Arena
    You are not allowed to bring a bag with you into the arena. The only exemptions are nursing bags if you have kids that are younger than three years old. You can also bring a bag if you have medical needs. The bag can only hold medicine and medical supplies.
  • A small handbag must be okey?
    All bags are forbidden. A wallet is not a bag.
  • Why are bags forbidden?
    This is a demand from the Swedish police. This ban against bags is nationwide.
  • I have a bag when I arrive to the Red Barn Arena. Where can I place it?
    It is your responsibility to take care of your bag. If you place it somewhere outside the arena it will be taken care of and turned over to the police after the rally.
  • I have booked a ticket on a bus, and I will come direct from the forest. Where can I place my bag?
    Please contact the bus company and they will help you.
  • Do you understand that this will be a inconvenience for the guests?
    We understand that this will be an inconvenience for our guests. But this is a requirement from the police. All events in Sweden need to conform with this requirement.
  • I have a camera bag. Can I bring that into the arena?
    If you are a guest, you are not allowed to bring a camera bag.
  • Is the body search a requirement for me to get in?
    You need to conform with the rules to be able to access the arena. This is a demand from the police.
  • Do you have both female and male staff for the body search?
    Yes, we will always have both male and female staff.
  • I don’t want to be searched. Can I get into the arena anyway?
    No, you need to comply with the demands to get access. This is demanded by the police.