Energy storage makes The Red Barn Arena more sustainable

Red Barn Arena is like a pumping event heart for Rally Sweden. Here, the WRC drivers conclude each day of competition, and the audience easily arrives as the arena is located within walking distance from central Umeå. However, an arena for thousands of visitors that offers performances, an exhibition area, and VIP tents also requires power throughout the entire event.

Apart from when Elfyn Evans, unfortunately, knocked down a lamppost during the first year at Red Barn Arena, momentarily causing the entire arena to go dark, it is the peaks in normal consumption that Rally Sweden now wants to secure with a more sustainable solution. They have enlisted the help of the partner Assemblin.

Sustainable backup

“Historically, it’s most common to use fuel-powered generators to ensure there is a backup if it turns out that an arena or event uses too much electricity compared to what it’s built for. But this year, we will be able to offer a more sustainable solution for Red Barn Arena as we, together with a supplier, use a form of energy storage. Simply put, we install large batteries. With this solution, both we as a supplier and the organizer avoid worries if Red Barn exceeds the electricity consumption for a while,” says Patrik Lundström, Branch Manager at Assemblin Umeå.

The premiere of the WRC was held the last weekend in January. The next stop for the WRC is Umeå and Rally Sweden. It will be the third year the competition visits Västerbotten, and conducting more sustainable events is part of the development of Rally Sweden.

Rally Towards Zero

“We are looking at how we can develop in all areas to reach the goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable rally. Having partners like Assemblin on this journey, contributing new ideas on how to achieve this, is fantastic,” says Erik Åström, Event Director for Rally Sweden and continues.

“Rally Sweden is a massive event with over 4,000 volunteer officials when the first car starts, and significant efforts are made by our partners. So many of us contribute to creating this experience, and it is, of course, very grateful for the support and expertise that accompanies us in the development of Rally Sweden.”