Green light for Rally Sweden Historic 2024

Winter 2024, Rally Sweden spectators will once again be treated to some living nostalgia, with Rally Sweden Historic taking place during the WRC in Umeå.

“The historic section has long been a part of Rally Sweden. We know it’s very popular among visitors and officials alike, so it’s great that we can now give even more people the chance to see these legendary old-time rally cars up close,” says Erik Åström, Event Director at Rally Sweden.

Clerk of the Course for Rally Sweden Historic will be the seasoned Leif Sjöström. The Historic rally will take place on the Friday and Saturday over six special stages, and will feature a maximum of 35 cars. For many rally fans, the older cars provoke strong memories as the Rally Sweden Historic racers take their place on the starting line in the forests of northern Sweden. The most recent winner was Johannes Joons.

“Thanks to some genuine enthusiasts, we can still see and experience these cars racing in gruelling competition. Spectators will see some true rally battles as the drivers compete for the Rally Sweden Historic medals,” Erik Åström concludes.