Rally Sweden 2024 takes shape

Yesterday, Rally Sweden submitted its rally application and suggested stages to the County Administrative Board for the 2024 World Rally Championships. The proposal covers just over 300 kilometres of special stages, featuring some brand new sections while others have been removed.

The focus for 2024 has been on finding a good mixture of high-speed but also technical stages. Work on the stages has taken place in close discussion with land owners, reindeer herders and many other stakeholders.

“The problem hasn’t been finding stages, but rather working through all the good suggestions we’ve had from land owners, associations, rally fans and a lot of other people. It’s great that there’s such a genuine interest in making Rally Sweden even better,” says Rickard Johansson, Permit Manager at Rally Sweden.

Erik Åström started as Rally Sweden’s Event Director a month or so ago, and he is happy with the application to the county authorities.

“I feel it’s a good proposal, and discussions with the Sámi villages have been productive. The Rally Sweden organisation has really put together a challenging competition, based on the proposal as it now stands,” says Åström.

Rally Sweden 2024 will take place 15–18 February. The drivers will see a few adjustments this winter compared to last year.

“There are some new stages, and a few have been removed. One reason some of the stages change is because the promotor requires us to adapt part of the competition every year, and also as a result of discussions with land owners, reindeer herders and other stakeholders. We must never forget that we’re guests on other people’s land,” says Rickard Johansson.

The Red Barn Arena, which grew as an audience and event zone in 2023, will remain a key hub where each race day finishes off. As before, there will also be a closing Power Stage. Once again, Nolia Exhibition & Congress Centre will be an area for team bases. All in line with Rally Sweden’s goal of hosting an intimate, sustainable, spectator-friendly rally event that’s easy to watch and enjoy, also for new and relatively new spectators.