Rally Sweden wants to create the ultimate rally experience

The Red Barn Arena, with its central location, has a somewhat unique position compared to the other stages of the World Rally Championships around the world. For the 2024 event, the organisers will develop the "arena concept" in more locations than The Red Barn Arena.

Stage Event – Brännfors, Sarsjöliden

This year, at Brännfors, on the Sarsjöliden stage, there will be an area with VIP tents offering food and drinks, where Rally Sweden’s partners can also follow the WRC rally on big screens as the world’s best drivers speed past the village.

The spectator area around it is also optimal in terms of space and the long “time” you get to see the cars over a longer stretch in rally terms. The ease of access to the area by car is another important aspect contributing to the uniqueness of the area.

Red Barn II

Fittingly, the Stage Event in Brännfors is also built around the village’s red barn, located in the large “field” that frames the spectator section.

Together with, among others, Vännäs Municipality and Hotel Vännäs, eight buses will visit the Sarsjöliden stage on Saturday afternoon.

“This is an idea we wanted to test already last year and is a concept that we want to try and will further develop for future events to, partly strengthen the local connection, but also give the audience different dimensions to discover how fantastic rally sport can be where the sport and the experience go hand in hand,” says Erik Åström, event director, Rally Sweden.