Welcome to Umeå Service Park Nolia

The Heart of Rally Sweden

The Service Park is somewhat the heart of the rally, where the teams are located, and the cars are prepared for the various stages. Similar to The Red Barn Arena, it is conveniently within walking distance from the city centre, and there’s free entry to the service area all weekend! This makes it a perfect place to follow the competitions and gain insight into the work behind the scenes, all while enjoying the rally atmosphere.

During the service sessions, you get a glimpse of how the world’s best rally teams operate. Umeå Service Park opens to the public on Thursday, February 15, and at 9 am–2 pm is an especially worthwhile visit. The Shakedown takes place on this day, where each car has the opportunity to run the Håkmark stage four times. It will be a flurry of activity as the WRC teams strive to find the ultimate settings for their cars.

Daily Service

As a spectator, you have the opportunity to peek into the teams’ workshops and see how they operate. The teams have service sessions several times each day. Afterward, you can follow the competitions and drama on the big screen.

Thursday, February 15

Shakedown Service 09:00–14:00

Friday, February 16

Service 13:28
Service 19:37

Saturday, February 17

Service 13:00
Service 19:52

Sunday, February 18

Service 09:06

City Map Umeå

Easy to find the way

If you want, you have most things within walking distance. It’s just a short walk from the city centre to The Red Barn Arena or Umeå Service Park Nolia and Support Arena. Alternatively, you can hop on the city buses that run shuttle services between the centre and the Arena. During the competition days, you can ride for free on the local buses, Ultra, with your Rally ticket.