The snowmobile takes you to the worlds best rally

All maps are published, and you can start planning your rally experience. For the first time in Rally Sweden's history, there will be unique spectator areas for snowmobiles. It will be a golden opportunity to experience the world's best rally from the first row.

Creating snowmobile trails has taken place together with several local snowmobile clubs. Via snowmobile trails, raised audience areas have been created where the spectators get close to the rally.
The snowmobile trails, with connections to the public places, are drawn on the route maps available on the website. You can also find the updated time schedule for Saturdays itinerary. The maps contain all the info you need to plan your rally experience with snowmobile trails, car access roads, car parks, etcetera.

There is a discounted price on advance tickets sold at local Coop stores. It is possible to buy a rally pass/entrance ticket on the routes. Note that cash only applies as Rally Sweden can’t guarantee a connection to payment services with a large number of visitors expected.
Five audience spots will be offered on the premiere stage in Kroksjö on Friday, where the largest is planned to accommodate at least 10,000 people. On the sections in Brattby, Sävar, Sarsjöliden, Kamsjön, Vindeln and Långed, the layout is similar. In recent months, snowmobile trails and public areas have been prepared and shoveled.
Facts from the Swedish Transport Agency (at the end of 2020) show that Västerbotten County has the second-most registered snowmobiles in Sweden, with more than 58 000.

If you follow the indicated roads, scooters are a fantastic way to get to the stretches, but they will, of course, place great demands on the snowmobile riders.
The County Administrative Board has decided on an off-road driving ban outside snowmobile trails within a radius of 3 kilometers around the special stages.
Rally Sweden and our local route organizers want to remind the spectators that all snowmobiling must take place on the trails within the competition area and that free-riding is prohibited during these days. Reindeer can be between the stages, and if snowmobiles scare them, there is a risk that the reindeer will move towards the rally roads.

Snowmobile parking is only allowed at excellent snowmobile parking spaces or other excellent public parking spaces.
Snowmobiles are forbidden to drive on or cross a special stage. If the public is in unauthorized places along the special stages, there is a risk that the special stage will be interrupted.